Give wildcats a future

Wildcats in Scotland are on the brink but it’s not too late to save them.  

Together we can restore this incredible species to the remote wild landscapes where they belong.

  • Your £7.50 can feed a wildcat for a week in the new conservation centre 
  • Your £30 can vaccinate a wildcat to protect it from disease 
  • Your £350 can feed a wildcat for an entire year 
  • Your £1,500 can buy a GPS collar to monitor a wildcat once it has been released into the wild 

You can give wildcats a lasting future with your gift today. 

Your gift, no matter the size, can make a huge difference. Thank you.

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"Conservation of endangered species must start at home...

...and the wildcat is a stark reminder of just how quick the threat of extinction can arrive. Saving Wildcats is perhaps the 9th life for wildcats. We can all play a role to ensure it is successful and achieves the long-term recovery of wildcats in the UK." - Iolo Williams