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Like the rest of us, wildcats have their own personalities and interests. Droma’s the confident one. Cranachan loves a chat. Fruin’s curious, if not downright nosy. Together, they are the best chance of saving wildcats in Scotland – with your support.

Which of these adorable wildcats will you sponsor?

They've started their own families.

Now their first generation of kittens have been released into the wild in Scotland.

About your


They have a home and expert care.

With your support, their kittens will have the best possible chance of survival in the wild.

Feed your wildcat

It costs £7.50 for a weeks food.

Care for your wildcat

It costs £30 to vaccinate them against disease.

Prepare your wildcat for the wild

It costs £1,500 for a GPS tracking collar.

There are barely a handful of wildcats left in the wild – so there is no time to lose.

Supporters like you have made it possible to build a conservation breeding for release centre at the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland's Highland Wildlife Park, near Aviemore. There, the wildcats have a remote landscape to explore, together with a dedicated team of vets and keepers. The first releases took place in summer 2023 and a lot will be learned to help ensure the success of future releases. You can help restore the wildcat population in Scotland.

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Sponsor a wildcat and watch them

nurture their families.

You can sponsor Fruin, Droma or Cranachan from just £5 a month – it makes a great gift (even at the last minute).

Whoever you choose, you’ll get a sponsorship pack all about your wildcat, together with lots of regular updates – with a quarterly newsletter and an exclusive sponsors' Facebook group with pictures, videos and messages from their keepers.

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For yourself

You can help save wildcats from £5 per month.

As a perfect gift

Sponsoring a wildcat is the perfect gift for your loved ones.

For your group/company

Share the experience of caring for wildcats with your employees and customers. Email to find out more!