Wildcat finds the 'Wildcat trail'

A few months ago, one of the wildcats that was released in 2023 was found to be walking some parts of the 'Wildcat Trail' behind Newtonmore. This trail is maintained by the Newtonmore Community Woodland & Development Trust, who also run the Wildcat Centre

The Centre is in the heart of the village and is a fantastic place to stop by if you are visiting. At the Centre, you can find out more information about the trail and the history of the areas on the route, as well as about the work that Saving Wildcats are doing to restore the Highland tiger. You can also walk the trail yourself (waymarked with a wildcat symbol), or take part in the 'Wildcat Experience', which involves hunting for 132 painted model wildcats around the village!

One of the local estates that has been assisting the field team with tracking this wildcat is Pitmain Estate, which the wildcat trail travels across. We are hugely thankful for their support of the project.

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