IMV Imaging back wildcat conservation

Earlier this year, IMV imaging, a world leader in veterinary diagnostic imaging technology, formed a partnership with wildlife conservation charity, the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland, by providing them with leading veterinary imaging equipment to aid in vital conservation projects. 

In 2020, the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland (RZSS) launched a vital conservation partnership project, Saving Wildcats, which aims to prevent the extinction of wildcats in Scotland through conservation breeding for release. 

The Covid-19 pandemic forced the closure of RZSS’s zoos, Edinburgh Zoo and Highland Wildlife Park, which had a significant financial impact on the charity and its global conservation projects as a result. 

With an IUCN report concluding there is now no viable wildcat population now living wild in Scotland, the “Saving Wildcats” partnership is vital to restoring the species in the wild and diagnostic imaging equipment plays a key role in the success of projects such as this. As specialists in veterinary imaging, IMV imaging designs, manufactures and sources diagnostic imaging equipment specific to veterinary use. The charity had already contacted IMV imaging to purchase a new DR X-ray system, but IMV decided to go the extra mile to help the organisation by donating a new ultrasound scanner to the project. 

David Field, CEO of the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland, said, “Wildcats in Scotland are on the brink of extinction but together we can restore this iconic species by bringing together national and international expertise. 

“The past year has been an incredibly difficult time for our charity, with the closure of our parks for a total of five months cutting off our main source of income. 

“While we still face significant financial pressures, this generous donation will help support our work with partners to save our Highland tigers.”  

Commenting on the donation, Lee McCloy, UK Commercial Director at IMV imaging commented, “We are delighted to be supporting such a vital conservation project, particularly one so close to home.  

“As an organisation, our core beliefs focus on helping to improve animal care, supporting our communities, and developing and providing technology that will make a real difference and supporting RZSS and the Saving Wildcats project aligns perfectly with these beliefs and our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility.  

“Diagnostic imaging plays such an important role in veterinary work and having a new DR X-ray system and ultrasound scanner in their toolbox will certainly help the veterinarians involved in the project. Being able to partner with RZSS is something we are proud of and really reinforces why we do what we do.”

If you or your organisation is interested in helping save our wildcats, please get in touch wildcats@rzss.org.uk

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